Apparently I can’t own a car here. Well, I can, but I have to pay 3 types of insurance, I have to prove I have a parking space, I have to have the police back me up that I have a parking space and then I have to draw 2 maps of where the parking space is in relation to my house. And that parking space has to be within 2km of the house.

And that makes me want a car more. And the Japanese know how to rub them in my face (cars).

So I’m going to do the same, here’s the cars I’ve been stalking.

Tokyo kebab truck.
Harajuku Sukuzi Jimny
A small not a car.
This sleeper van, pretty sure it’s a Porsche in disguise.
Land Cruiser. One of many you will see.
A marshmallow of some sort.
Nissan Skyline GT. …uuuuh
All Terrain Minivan
The Power Rangers
Big Boy Jimny
The guy doing lifts is a busy man.
Bigger Boy Jimny
Land Cruiser Two-ser